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First off, as Breann’s management, we would like to start by saying thank you to all her fans for your continued support. Throughout the years, Breann has been blessed with amazing fans; the loyalty of her fans is renowned. Thousands have been following her since she first graced the pages of Playboy in 2004. Many of her fans, started supporting her back in 2008, when she began her music career.  And her fan base continues to rise with the ever growing internet that has made it possible for millions to connect with almost anybody. So, take advantage of the many platforms Breann is currently on, and start following her now by clicking on the icon for the social media platform you would like to follow her on.   

How to get your pictures signed by Breann McGregor?
  • If you have pictures of your own collected of Breann that you would like signed, there is a fee of $10 per signature.
  • You will have to include an envelope filled out with the address you would like it sent back to and stamped with the correct postage amount.

For a Limited Time Only you can purchase a Playboy Headshot of Breann for $10 (while supplies last). 

Inquiries for Playboy Headshot please contact us:

To ensure you get your pictures back, please make sure to include the following that apply to your request:
  1. Correct mailing address.
  2. Correct postage amount.
  3. $10 per signature. 
  4. $10 per page of any Playboy SE Magazine. 
  5. Address to:  Breann McGregor
                             P.O. Box 261212
                             Encino, Ca 91426

Fan mail is always welcomed and can be sent to the same address listed above. 



    On behalf of Breann, we want to thank you for your continued support. Breann’s fans are very important to her, as well as, us, her management team.  Breann often says, “That without her fans to share her passion with, there is no point.”

Breann’s Management


*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We reserve the right to not return pictures that we determine in our sole discretion are deemed inappropriate. We reserve the right to not return pictures that were not received with an addressed envelope and/or with the incorrect postage.

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Breann McGregor
4 days ago

Just found this gem..

Captured myself 𝒮𝓂𝒾𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑔 after realizing I was changing chords and strumming simultaneously.
Proud moment as a student and ... See more

1 week ago
Timeline Photos

I'm obsessed!

First off, I am not a local. I live in Los Angeles andI happen to be on an extended vacation for the holidays. My hair was in major need of some TLC, especially my root growth.

I ... See more

1 week ago

Captured some amazing candid videos & pics while hiding under the coffee table before my niece spotted me
#auntielife #auntlifeisthebestlife #auntie #auntielove #candidmoments #candidmomemt ... See more

1 week ago

Spending quality time with my niece is priceless.
I am beyond blessed and full of gratitude to have this time off to spend with my family. I love being an Aunt. I just never knew it would feel this ... See more

1 week ago

Playing guitar is a cathartic release..
#musiciseverything #music #musician #meditate #create #peaceofmind #mentalhealthawareness ... See more

1 week ago
Photos from Breann McGregor's post

Happy Thanksgiving..
I’m grateful for this life I was blessed with; and I’m thankful for you.
#happythanksgivng #happyturkeyday🦃 #beyondblessed🙏 #grateful🙏 #thankyou #familytime ... See more

2 weeks ago

What a classic!.. I love Elaine; her dancing reminds me of how I’ve been feeling lately 🤪🙃😆😆

"It's more like a full body dry heave set to music." Clear the dance floor for our next episode:

15. "The Little Kicks"


3 weeks ago

My husband will ask me to dance randomly, and yes, we have danced in a parking lot.
#slowdanceinaparkinglot #jordandavis #countrymusic #guitar #takamineguitars #musiciansofinstagram ... See more

3 weeks ago

My niece’s first time jamming out with me on my guitar, however, what is so flipping pancakes about this time?! She was playing with it and then snuggled up in my arms so she could cuddle and fall ... See more

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