My Personal COVID Diary

Hey there,

Hope this post finds you safe and well. I haven’t posted in a really long time, which is blatantly obvious. I genuinely wanted to start a blog writing post that would captivate and inspire you. And I gotta be completely honest with you… I’ve got nothing. I do, however, have my own personal COVID stories that I have sworn I would for sure write about one day.

Well, quite frankly F&%k that shit! That one day is right now!!! I am not waiting for that clever thought to trickle into my mind for me eventually post. I rather say exactly what is on my mind and share that with you. Authenticity is so much better than reading some bullshit article that has painted this picturesque life of someone we’ve never met that undoubtedly has us looking up from the malarkey that is displayed in front of us, leaving a comatose stare upon our face as we are then left with asking ourselves, “Where the hell did we go wrong? ‘Did we miss the queue”? “Seriously! WTF is happening to the world!?”

My friend you and I are on the same starship I swear. We are dealing with some seriously crazy shit! I am doing my best to keep my sanity, but it seems as though every waking day I am purposely faced with an obstacle, for some bigger entity to take the score on how far I can make it.

Well, looks like Breann passed, her Sanity Test, today! She almost lost her cool. Almost… but she made it! Tomorrow lets pull out the woodworks and see who, how, and what will make her lose her shit.

Today. Right now, I have declared ‘my website’ my diary, a safe place, for me to write whatever is on my mind and to share it with you.

And if ‘my diary’ bothers you, remember John Hughes’s famous 1986 film, Ferris Bueller Day Off?


Okay, now pretend you are Mr. Rooney, and as you know no one really cares for him. Well, at least not Ferris, who in this case would be me.

Now, when Jeanie, Ferris’s sister, returns home she comes across Mr. Rooney, whom she mistook as a burglar. She kicked his ass, rightfully so!

Moral of my story that I’m kindly trying to help paint in your nogging is for you to understand that you don’t have to read shit that wasn’t written nor intended for you to read. Mr. Rooneyyyy!

However, you could eventually be more like Jeanie, who came to appreciate her brother’s craftiness.

Be more like Jeanie. ; )

 “You’re still here? It’s over! Go home! Go!”

I am actually looking forward to talking to you more frequently via blogging in my diary. I hope by sharing my truth with you, you were at least distracted for a brief moment. If so, OMG!!! I want to hug you. I am signing off because my husband asked me right when I started typing this if I wanted to go eat chips and salsa. Ugh… duhh. Of course I want to eat chips and salsa. Is there anything else that would like to try and attempt to take my concentration away from my poor abandoned website.

No! Nothing can stop me. You had me determined. Now I must excuse myself because I am craving chips and salsa. I will worry about my diet, that I started this morning and every previous morning since this pandemic took over, later. Until my next post, take care, my friend.


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My Personal COVID Diary – Breann McGregor

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News My Personal COVID Diary August 12, 2020 by Breann McGregor Hey there, Hope this post finds you safe and well. I haven’t posted in a really long time, which is blatantly obvious. I genuinely ... See more

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