What have you been doing to keep yourself mentally sane?

Dear Diary

Hope this finds you safe and well. I’d love to know what you have been doing to help yourself manage your daily routines? Any sort of new hobbies that you picked up since the pandemic started? Any recipes you would like to share with me… please do down below in the comments. Oooh, I am in for some holy goodness!

I have been routinely keeping in touch with my therapist, which has been very helpful to me being temporarily displaced due to the Coronavirus. I signed up for school and I start tomorrow. I am excited to add some structure to my daily life.

Lately, I have been practicing songs that intermingle with standard chords and chords that are made by barring. When sliding up my fretboard to make a chord that is barred and when I hit it correctly without hesitation it feels pretty sweet! If you play guitar any *friendly tips are greatly appreciated.*

It didn’t think I would be saying this anytime soon, but I must call it a night I have school in the morning. I’ll keep you posted on how my first day with Psychology class goes. Before you go, please make sure to share with me what you have been doing to help manage your daily routines. I can’t wait to hear from you.


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Breann McGregor
7 months ago
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