Dear Diary,

Today was a shitty day. It’s crazy how this pandemic has brought out the true colors of people we thought we knew, whether they were friends, family, acquaintances, teachers even medical professionals. I question myself and wonder does anyone else feel as though they are treading water just to stay afloat.

Every time I muster up the strength to keep my head above the water, to inhale just enough oxygen into my lungs to breathe, I am engulfed by another wave knocking me into a turbulent tide. Most beach goers say go with the tide, but metaphorically speaking would they ride the pandemic out like they would if they found themselves caught in a tide?!

I will say that right now is about the survival of the fittest. Stay strong for yourself first and foremost. Then take care of those around you. These times are undoubtedly the worst seen for many. My 94 year old aunt along with others close in age that I’ve spoken with, whether it was via mail, virtually, speaking through a plexiglass protective shield or speaking 6 ft apart with a window screen separating us, have all said they have never seen anything or been through times like the ones we are in right now.

This is unchartered territory, no one knows much. We have scientist and doctors all around the world collecting data trying to understand and figure out how to beat this pandemic, however, this virus is new. And it’s going to be uncomfortable for all of us until we have enough facts. No one can be to sure. Only time will tell. One thing I am taking away from today, with the pandemic in mind, is if someone’s actions are questionable.. well then, they probably are.

I’m going to keep on treading these waters because I have hope. Hope that when the water subsides and we can finally touch the ground we will recover. And my hope is that people are more grounded than up in the air.

Later gator,


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