Dear Diary,

It is 12:20 pm, and I am currently watching a Netflix Documentary, 100 Humans Life’s Questions. Answered. I randomly clicked on episode, Are you Biased?. What I find interesting about picking this series is my intent was to find this cool show that would help inspire me. A couple of nights ago I was reading an article about Marketing Psychology that went into great depth on different marketing strategies. And the one that stuck out to me, in particular, was Color Psychology (the study of how colors affect perceptions and behaviors in marketing and branding).

I noticed how the cover for this documentary had three images of human heads, each one shaped out of chord with a lightbulb as the brain, for me I feel it was used to create that, ‘ah, ha!’I figured it out‘, type thought. This description may or may not sound that exciting to most, however, it worked on me. The show has a 2 and a half star rating, which doesn’t sway me in my decision making of whether or not I should watch a movie, series, etc, as much as, the cover and brief description impacts me. First the cover definitely helps draw my attention if I am not sure what I want to watch. The title helps me find something that I want to watch specifically, but a concise description, that seals the deal for me.

Exactly 9 minutes and 24 seconds in and I am not sure if I want to pause this or turn it off. As the show starts to dive on into another experiment this one has caught my attention. Human #22 had to couple 6 individuals that he thought would match up into a couple, without giving to much detail, #22’s approach was unoriginal but interesting. When this experiment was given to a female, Human #14, between her “real-life job title” and her approach matching these couples her approach had me rolling my eyes and laughing. As I shake my head side to side displeased with #14 I realize that it has my attention. Enough to want to write about it but not enough for me to want to close my laptop, run and grab a snack and cold refreshing beverage to complete it.

Okay, so I did not complete the documentary. My attention went straight to my stomach when I said the word snack. I just went downstairs, grabbed myself a can of Vegetarian Vegetable Soup, added my own spin to it and I swear I’d have anyone believing I was eating a restaurant-style soup, delivered from the chef herself; I mean I can believe it, since I was, in fact, the chef of my delicious Vegetarian Vegetable Soup, with added basil leaves, garlic and parmesan cheese with a hint of spices that left my mouth watering for more.

Since I am currently on a staycation (the name of an extended stay due to COVID, in the year 2020) my diet has not been up to par. Right before I cooked my soup, my mom made sure to let me know that she had just laid down, “Alrighty, good for you. I’m glad you’re taking it easy.” I said. Then she offered me food options for when she awakes; this is how my diet is continuously pushed to the following day. “Sounds great!” I said, as I slowly walked away feeling guilty about my diet that will once again be pushed aside.

I came back upstairs and the classic drama, Sleepless in Seatle is on. I lift the screen to my laptop so I could continue my diary entry and as I proceeded to type I am distracted once again. This time by the mumbling of the movie playing in the background. I look up to the scene where Rosie O’Donnell, who is playing Becky, is watching a romantic movie snacking on what appears to be carrots and celery, when she interrupts Meg Ryan (who’s playing Annie Reed, an unhappily engaged journalist who is trying to write a letter to this guy she heard talk over a radio show) and gives her two cents about what she thinks about destiny.

“Winter must be cold for those who have no warm memories. ‘We have already missed the spring.”

Haha! I swear my life makes about as much sense as to how Annie Reed feels about this random man she has never met. This is it for me. I feel accomplished for the day. Thank you, COVID for the confusion within my head at this very moment, 2:32 pm. Also, last but not least thank you to my husband who told me to post this up because it shows where I am at this moment. Lost.


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