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Dearest Fans,

I hope this post finds you doing amazingly awesome!

I want to apologize for my absence, but it was absolutely necessary and important for my health.  I have been gradually getting back into the groove, of posting and reaching out on social media. Surprisingly, getting back into the swing of things has been way better than I anticipated, to say the least. 

First off, I want to share some very important information with all of you in regards of hackers/scammers that hacked my website. And then I will end this post on a positive note. 

My website was infiltrated by imposters towards the end of last year.  My hosting company ran a full diagnostic on my site, and in doing so, found several bugs placed there by these hacker.

Immediately after finding these bugs my hosting company took swift action necessary to get rid of any sort of bug that was placed there, by the hackers, that would later allow them gain of access to my site again.

As you all know, no website is safe from hackers. If someone wants to hack a website they will.

Unfortunately, just recently my website was hacked again and this time Google took precautionary measures and flagged my site as red. And to be completely honest with you, though it totally sucked for me not being able to update my site, it was definitely reassuring knowing that Google swiftly took action.  

There are many fradulent websites created to take your money.  Do Not Give money to anyone over the internet.  If you do, do your research prior to check out.  Ask questions…  These frauds are quite savvy in convincing their target’s to fall for their scheme. 

And now drum roll please…

The good news is that I am back on here, yeah!

Here really soon, I will be making a lot of new changes to my website. I have all sorts of really cool stuff in the works, but before making these changes my first priority is making sure that when my fans as well as anyone else that visits my website, are entering a site that is safe and scammer free. 

Please stay tuned (hmm, I wonder how you would phrase that for a blog, lol.) for the latest updates. Meanwhile you can always reach me via, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr etc.  


Take care my friend and looking forward to sharing more of what has been going on with all of you.


Love always,



If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be me and/or is posing to be someone from my team asking for money via, PayPal, in the form of donations or through any sort of messenger app, etc. Please contact us immediately by emailing:  We will never ask for money, so should it happen know it is a fraud.



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