Did you know that the moment you wake up you can change your life?

Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening, depending on where you are globally. This morning I woke up with this immense urge to start my day off by meditating and during that time I have already strategically constructed how today will go for me. And before I can go about my day I wanted to share some food for the soul.

Did you know that the moment you wake up you can change your life?

Great news, you can!

A question I asked myself this morning was, what area of my life is not the way I want it?

As you read ask yourself the same questions:

1. What area in your life is not the way you want it?

2. What has prevented you from getting what you want?

3. What has gotten in your way from getting closer to your goal?

4. What has prevented you from what you deserve?

For me the biggest set back that has prevented me from the life I’ve always wanted were the thoughts and beliefs that I’ve struggled with all my life:

I’m not worthy

I’m not good enough

And sadly this thought pattern that had been embedded into my brain subconsciously, led me down a painful and lonely path by blocking myself from:

•What I wanted•

•Getting closer to my goals•

•Preventing myself from what I deserved•

•Setting my standards higher•

What I was repeatedly told throughout my childhood led me to feeling inadequate and unable to reach my goals. And because I believed that I was not worthy of better that way of thinking became normal for me. I would set my standards low. And by doing so I prevented myself from truly living the life that I fully deserved at the time. By not changing my thoughts I continued to allow what others thought of me depict how I felt about myself.

Today I realize everything I thought to be true is absolutely false!

In fact what others portray onto you is how they truly feel about themselves.

As children the environment we live in and those who surround us make-up some of the factors that ultimately shape our personalities and beliefs before we are adults. There are many factors that shape the way we think; but it is our childhood that majority of us spend our adult lives trying to fix or understand.

Instead of wasting time on trying to fix the past, which is not even physically possible. Try and understand your past and accept it for what it was. And by understanding your past the more knowledge you have to apply to your current self that your future self will appreciate. By understanding the impact and role someone had in your life and how their existence contributed to you now, do you realize the power you hold. You are a force to be reckoned with. And because those insecure people, who tried to get me to remain feeling inadequate, what they really did was helped me prove to myself that I am unstoppable. And that I can do anything or be anything I conjure up in my head.

Remember what you think about you bring about. Your thoughts become words, your words become your beliefs, your beliefs become your actions, and your action becomes your habit. And by repeating the same bad habits, you continuously live in the same destructive lifestyle that has deterred you from pursuing the life you always wanted. The life you deserve.

This is a vicious cycle that most of us are left trying to fix as adults; leaving us asking ourselves:

Where did we go wrong?•

•I disappointed, so and so, growing up therefore, I’m responsible for their happiness•

•Maybe, so and so, wouldn’t be miserable if I would have done what they said I should do•



Isn’t that the best news ever!

You are brave, courageous, and strong. I can understand the pain and suffering you had to endure and/or still are going through. Though our circumstances are different I know what it’s like to care, I know what it’s like to feel. So much so to the point of losing yourself along the way.

I want to tell you as I remind myself:

•You’re worth it•

•You can still attain the goals you’ve always wanted•

•You can live the life you deserve•

•Their misery “is not” by your doing•

•You “can not” and “will not” fix them•

•You can change your life right this very second•

•You are loved•

•You are so much more than what you think is attainable•

•You can do it•

Once you can point out what it is that is holding you back it is then that you bring awareness to it. One must be vigilant and why not be. You deserve only the best. Becoming aware of whatever does not serve you is extremely beneficially. Especially for you to be able to live an authentic life.

We all get what we tolerate. And what we consistently do on a daily basis will without a doubt give us the same results.

If you “do not” put effort into changing what you think about on a daily basis, then “do not” be surprised when you continue to feel the same way as you did yesterday and the day before that.

What others have done to you and/or what they think of you……DOES NOT DEFINE YOU.

There are so many people today that are still carrying this load on their shoulders, from their childhood, and continue to add onto that load from what everyday life throws at them. And this weight keeps them down emotionally, mentally, and physically. The pain that these people feel is something they often struggle to keep to themselves.

I know this for a fact because I too felt I was the source or one of the sources to other people’s unhappiness. It was debilitating, it consumed me, and it was exhausting.

It was a daily struggle trying put on a happy face and act like everything was fine. Finally, I had had enough. I made a conscious decision and effort to cut myself some slack. Because at the end of the day I am only human.

First off and foremost, you have to put yourself first, above everyone and everything. In order to love others you have to love yourself fully. Let go of whatever responsibilities you’ve convinced yourself of being responsible for. Once you let go of anyone and everything that no longer serves you in a purposeful way you are allowing yourself to fully focus on you. And eventually you will be living the life you’ve always wanted.

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