Prayers for my home state Louisiana

Prayers for my home state Louisiana. Shame on the many media outlets that are used everyday to promote bullshit such as Justin Bieber deleting his instagram, what the Kardashian’s are again doing to benefit themselves, etc….
Mind you this was not a hurricane or tropical storm where you are warned days in advanced. However, if this were a named hurricane or tropical storm the news correspondents would be right there in the heart of the disaster broadcasting it live. All for ratings. We should really be questioning what our priorities are nowadays. 
To me this is news worthy: 13 people have been killed 30,000 rescued and more than 40,000 homes affected. Some of my family and friends and thousands of others have been affected and many of them are homeless. They have lost everything. I know all to well from first hand experience the feeling of being homeless for months due to Hurricane Katrina. Except we got news coverage. This is just as bad. Please help out in anyway you can. Please donate. If you were wondering wether you should clean out your storage unit or closet, etc. do it. Please this is all the reason to do so. So many people have lost literally everything. All they have are the clothes on their back from when they were forced out of their homes. 
Any help is greatly appreciated. Please keep Louisiana in your thoughts and prayers.

A flooded baseball field at the Gonzales Civic Center in Gonzales, La., on Aug. 17. (Jeffrey Dubinsky via Reuters)

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