My first trip with my husband when we first started dating 8 years ago was to Disney World. I told him it was my dream to get married there. I always envisioned getting proposed there as well. May 10th, 2012, a day before my 27th birthday my husband took me there as part of my birthday gift. While we were there I was leaning against the bridge attached to the Sleeping Beauty Castle with my back towards him. My husband, then boyfriend was about to get down on one knee and propose. ••• I was not aware of this until after he asked me to marry him••• While I was gazing down at the pond with two ducks swimming by, I asked him, “don’t those two ducks remind you of Rambo and Lolo?” My boyfriend jumped up quickly before I could turn around. I guess at that moment he realized there was a more sentimental way to propose. He thought this is so cliche. He thought I want it to be special and original. So he didn’t ask. After we left Disneyland and got home I was changing into my pj’s and my husband calls for me from the other room saying, “Breann come here!” I freaked out thinking something was wrong. I ran from the back bedroom and into the hallway to find Lolita with a pink pouch around her neck and a blue pouch around Rambo. I opened Lolita’s pouch and inside was a note and pencil with some treats. The note said for me to call Rambo over. Rambo came over I opened his pouch and a beautiful wooden box was revealed. I stood up handed the box to my then boyfriend and said you ask. He bent down on one knee and proposed. It was the best birthday gift ever. Even though it was my dream to be asked at my favorite place on the planet. I was asked and surrounded by three of the most important family members in my life. (A tale I will share soon. I have an explanation behind this photo or may I say photos). Well I did get the best of both worlds we went to Hollywood Blvd Walk of Fame and stood on my favorite star where we got to relive that moment again in my wedding gown.


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Breann McGregor
1 month ago
My Personal COVID Diary – Breann McGregor

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You mean so much to me... truly🌟
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