Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who served our great Country

I have been sitting here on this day thinking about what I want to say about Veterans Day. I sat back earlier today and began to reflect on what this day really stands for. We go through our daily routines without the fear of any peril happening due to these brave men and women. It is because of these veterans, and those serving, we can live without fear. That’s something most of us take for granted without even thinking about it. 

As I scrolled through the postings friends and families on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. As I read just the messages from their loved ones to those who had served (and are currently serving), I was humbled. If it weren’t for those who made these sacrifices, I would not be sitting here at home securely cuddled up in my blanket, with my Diet-7up, writing on my blog. Remember the sacrifices that these people are selflessly making so we can live the way we do—free. I do not want to just think about this on just one day out of the year; I want to reflect, remember, pray, and say “THANK YOU” everyday.

This is something that most of the world does not enjoy. Citizens in many countries do not have the luxury of a roof over there head, access to plentiful food and water, or have the ability to even keep warm—let alone the right to live free. As a woman, I have seen and read the horrors that women in other countries experience on a daily basis. Most women in the world do not have these rights, nor would ever dare to dream of having the kinds of experiences that I have had the privilege to achieve in my life. 

It is these little things that we do not normally have to think about because of these brave people. It is something that should never be taken for granted. Hence, this is why we stop and reflect on this day. For that, I am so grateful.

I have had the opportunity to sing the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ on several occasions. The last line always gives me pause to think: “The land of the free / and the home of the brave.” 

We love talking about how America is a ‘free’ nation, and a ‘free’ society. We have free speech, we are ‘free’ to practice our religion, a ‘free’ media that reports on everything from global politics to the high-jinks of the Kardashians, and we are ‘free’ to pursue our personal dreams and ambitions. These freedoms are nearly unimaginable for most people in the world; however in America we tend to take these liberties for granted.

 Honestly, when was the last time America was truly threatened? Surely most of us remember the horrific events that happened on 9/11, but it has been since World War II when the dangers of Nazism, Fascism, and Communism were on the march. The only thing that saved us and the world were the thousands of men and women that stood up to oppose the rising evil.

 Seventy years later, those threats have come and gone, only to be replaced by new terrors. It is only because brave people continue to stand up for our country that has kept those dangers away from our front doors. Their accomplishments have given us a security that we rarely ever think about. These people leave their homes, say goodbye to their families, and go forth to selflessly perform their duties. From my grandfather who flew helicopters in the Navy in Vietnam, to the friends that saw action in Iraq and Afghanistan; we still have people amongst that will valiantly run towards the sound of danger to keep us all safe.

 There is a famous quote that reads, “For those that have fought for it, freedom has a special flavor that the protected will never know.” At this moment, they are standing guard at their posts, on the high seas patrolling the oceans and waterway, and are in the air guarding our skies from the next danger that is always lurking on the horizon.

 On this Veteran’s Day I proudly salute and say “THANK YOU!”

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