Society doesn’t teach us to have a vision. We get labelled as being a dreamer just thinking about it. We’re not allowed to. It’s up to you if you want to live a great life. No one will force you to be more than mediocre.

When we start to see our vision and share it with others, they tell us to stop dreaming and get back to work.

So why can’t we dream? Why can’t we have a grand vision of who we can aspire to be?

No one is stopping you, except yourself. But you have to stop caring about those people who mean well. You have to conceive, then believe, so you can then achieve.

The road to success is a lonely one at first, until you find other dreamers, then they will inspire you to go faster, with more confidence, but it takes you to begin this lonely journey.

If you can’t dream and imagine yourself being grand, work on your self worth, or self esteem. This is the only thing that can prevent you having a grand vision. Don’t give up on your dreams even if only you believe in them. #truth #success #youcandoit #BreannMcGregor


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