The Best Feet Are Soft Feet

I can’t stand calloused feet. Well that goes for mine. When I wear sandals I want that soft delicate look. When my fiancé massages my feet I want them as soft as a babies bottom. Another one of my must haves is the Dr. Scholl’s for Her.

It Smooth Sole, Micro File Gently Removes Rough, Dry Skin
Collects Skin Shavings for No Mess!
The Dr. Scholl’s For Her Smooth my Sole™ micro file is an effective, yet gentle stainless steel file that removes rough, dry skin and calluses to reveal soft, smooth skin.

I make sure I have soaked in the bath for a good bit before using. You know when your skin is wrinkly (P.S. It’s really good for your skin) I save the Dr. Scholl For Her for last. That way the skin is ready to be scrubbed. Then if you want, after you are all dry, my favorite things to do is put Vaseline on my feet and put them in aloe vera socks and go to bed with them on. Talk about as smooth as a babies bottom in the AM.


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Breann McGregor
3 years ago

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My Personal COVID Diary – Breann McGregor

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News My Personal COVID Diary August 12, 2020 by Breann McGregor Hey there, Hope this post finds you safe and well. I haven’t posted in a really long time, which is blatantly obvious. I genuinely ... See more

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