First off, as Breann’s management, we would like to start by saying thank you to all the fans for your support.

Throughout the years Breann has been blessed with amazing fans. The loyalty of her fans is renowned. Thousands have been following her since she first graced the pages of Playboy in 2004.

Many started supporting her back in 2008, when she began her music career. Overall, the growth of her fan base is expanding every day.

Over the past couple months we have been receiving a great deal of fan mail (via email) inquiring about how to get Breann’s autograph. We have CD’s along with posters available for purchase for “Free My Soul” and “Roll The Dice.”

For more information contact:

*Breann is available to DJ* For booking inquiries contact: 

*If you have pictures of your own, collected of Breann that you would like signed, there is a fee of $10 a signature (NO matter what size). You will have to include an envelope filled out with the address you want it sent back to and stamped with the correct postage amount.

*For a limited time only, get a signed Playboy Headshot of Breann for an additional $10. In order to qualify you must send in a picture to be signed.*If you want the additional Playboy Headshot of Breann please email to let us know in advance, as the headshots are limited, we want to make sure it is put aside for you. 

*$10 Per Signature*

*No Payment No Signature*

Fan mail always welcome. Please send to the following address:

Breann McGregor
P.O. Box 261212
Encino, Ca 91426

On behalf of Breann we thank you for your continued support. Breann’s fans are very important to her. She often says, “that without her fans to share her passion with, there is no point.”

Breann’s Management

If you have any other inquires feel free to contact us at:

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We reserve the right to not return pictures that we determine in our sole discretion are deemed inappropriate. We reserve the right to not return pictures that were not received with an addressed envelope and/or with the incorrect postage.

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